Alilang FAQ

Alilang Introduction

Alilang is an integrated software including network access、VPN connection、audio and video conferencing, developed by our information platform department and security department to manage and protect the company’s network and devices. To make it simple, you can access the company’s network with it while keeping your computer safe.

Alilang downloading and Installation FAQ

1. What operating systems does Alilang supports?

2. Where to download Alilang app?

Download as follows:

3. When installing Alilang on iOS devices, I was prompted to enter a passcode, what should it be?

When installing Alilang on iOS devices, you will be asked to insert your lock screen passcode once.

4. I was prompted to insert "Extract Certificate Password", what is it?

Extract Certificate Password is : Alilang

5. I was prompted to enter "credential storage password", what is it?

Edit your lockscreen passcode and then restart your phone.

6. For android systems, is it mandatory to set a lock screen passcode?

Yes, it is mandatorily enforced by android to secure the device.

7. Alilang cannot be properly installed on my windows computer.

8. Alilang isn’t installed on other OS, how should I get on the internet?

  1. Connect to alilang-setup network with your device, then visit Alilang homepage(, click "on the company's intranet" - "Apply for the installation free Alilang Internet access"
  2. After it has been approved:

    • If your device is administrative device, unplug and plug back the network cable.
    • If your device is wireless sector development and testing equipment, the company's assets device, enter the domain account and the password to access the Internet.

VPN connetion

1.What is VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN), defined as a temporary, secure connection through a public network (usually the Internet), is a secure, stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Virtual Private Network is an extension of the intranet. Virtual Private Networks can help remote users, corporate offices, business partners and suppliers to establish trusted secure connections with the company's intranet and secure data transmission.

2. How to view my VPN access right?

Navigate to Alilang homepage (, click on the "external network - My VPN permissions" to view it.

3.How to connect VPN?

There are four main ways to connect VPN:

4.How to connect VPN by Cisco any-connect?

1. Download Cisco anyconnect, windows click here, mac click here

2. Start Cisco Anyconnect, set the server address to, the user name is your personal account, the password is the personal account password plus 6 digit Alilang token dynamic password.

5.How to activate alilang token?

Open Alilang mobile APP, on the top of the home page you can click a button with the name ”Activate alilang token”. If you find a 6 digits number is flashing, that means your token is already activated.

6.How to modify one key login receiving device?

If you need to use another device to receive the one key login authentication, register Alilang onto the new device and open the Ali token.

7.Unable to connect to specific security gateway with Cisco anyconnect.

Uninstall the current Cisco anyconnect, then download and install the latest version. Download Cisco anyconnect, windows click here, mac click here

If you are still unable to connect with the newest version, please see the following:

8.After installing VPN on a Mac system, SVN is not functioning properly.

Open terminal and input the following two commands to uninstall “web security module” from VPN.

  1. cd /opt/cisco/anyconnect/bin/
  2. sudo ./

9.How to turn off the system Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click "Start", type "services.msc" in the search field and press Enter.

  2. In the interface on the right to find the "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)", double-click the service status to "stopped", and click OK.

10.How to turn on the Cisco VPN service?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click "Start", type "services.msc" in the search field and press Enter.

  2. In the interface on the right to find the "Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Agent", double-click the service status to "started", and click OK.

11.How to uninstall and reinstall Cisco anyconnect?

  1. Find control panel

  2. Uninstall a program

  3. Find cisco anyconnect drvier, and double click for uninstall.

  4. Click “Yes” to finish uninstallation

  5. Download Cisco anyconnect, windows click here, mac click here
  6. Install cisco anyconnect

  7. Finish all the steps above and reconnect VPN.

How to deal with black window case when face authenticating?

If a black window popups when using face recognition, it's probably because of hosts file configuration.

  1. Windows Address bar: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
    Mac: Go the folder "/private/etc/hosts”

  2. Open hosts file, and check if you can find  the following address:

  3. Invalidate these dedicated websites above and retry.

【Only for outsourcing staff】How to deal with "no permission" issue when connecting intranet?

If alilang prompts "authentication failure" when you connect intranet outside office or alilang shows " no permission" hints, please ask your supervisor to apply permission for you.。

  1. The application link is :